Where do I start from to talk about this great personality that is this week’s MY GOD-CLASS PERSON?He is a leader par excellence, very vast in knowledge and resourceful.He is a life coach,a mentor,a visionary leader someone who sees the potential of greatness in you and wants to work to make it a big wild fire from that little spark,totally down-to earth,very approachable, he is my senior-friend and leadership coach. It gives me great pleasure to celebrate you this week sir.



He hails from Etche Local Government area of Rivers State,he is married to his heartthrob, Nissi and they are blessed with a son, Othniel and a daughter Jemima.

He also is blessed with 6 brothers and 5 sisters.


He is a graduate of Chemistry (Biochemistry Option) from the foremost University of Science and technology in Nigeria, the Rivers State University of Science & Technology (RSUST) now known as the Rivers State University (RSU).

He pursued a PGD in Chemistry in the University of Port Harcourt and also graduate of Theology from the All Nations For Christ Bible Institute International (ANFCBII) in 2011 and the Kenneth Hagin Ministries, RHEMA Bible Training Center in 2016.


He pursues a life style of pleasing God and serving humanity with his gifts, talents and resources. He believes significant strides, are achieved by simple steps thus life should be lived taking those steps.


As a faith based man, he has remained steadfast to his lifelong theme, Serving God. This has earned him several leadership positions in NIFES, NCCF, and the Church of God Mission Int’l Inc (CGMi) where he is currently serving as the Assistant Senior Pastor in The Rest Place, Port Harcourt. He also serves as a Faculty in the Special Vocation Bible School, Port Harcourt Campus.


Ikenna Amadi has had the privilege of meeting and interacting with some great men who have mentored and inspired him with their faith, careers, and lifestyles. These men include: 

Bishop John Bienose – a respected servant of God both within and outside Christian circles because he has proven over the years that he is a man of integrity, and honesty. He is consistent with the truth, shows exemplary leadership and followership qualities; and has strong family values.

He has great teaching abilities that make it easy for one to learn and is ever willing to support one to become one’s potential.

Dr. John Calvin Maxwell and Dr. Myles Munroe are two men that inspire Ikenna Amadi in the way they have committed their lives to knowing God and converting that knowledge of Him and His word for the benefit of individuals, organizations, nations and the world at large.

The passion they have exhibited in serving their gifts/talents/knowledge to add value and make the world a better place is exemplary.


He has garnered quite a lot of experience on human capacity building and electronic scholarship management in his consultative role for multinational organisations like Total Exploration & Production Nigeria (TEPNG) and Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC). He was involved in different projects which include: Catch Them Young Programme in Egi Community in Rivers State as well as the National Merit Scholarship; Cradle to Career & Regular Scheme Scholarships (both for secondary schools) which covered the South-South region of Nigeria respectively. 

He has also served as a consultant at both national and state levels for PRESSID (Presidential Special Scholarship Scheme for Innovation and Development); a National Universities Commission project under the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan; and the Rivers State Sustainable Development Agency (RSSDA) for the GHOP (Greater Horizon of Opportunities) for primary school students as well as GSOSP (Governor’s Special Overseas Scholarship Programme) which covered both graduate and post graduate studies abroad.

He was part of the team who managed the registration process for the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Annual Bar Conference for two consecutive years, 2013 & 2014, in Tinapa Calabar, Cross Rivers State and Owerri, Imo State respectively.

In 2017, he was a part of the team that carried out the deployment of local content (the CINFORES elearning and examination preparatory software; BrainFriend) for thirty eight (38) SKC (School Knowledge Center) schools in Nigeria for the Universal Service Provision Fund (USPF), an agency under the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC). He led the North Central team, which covered Benue, Plateau, Nasarawa, Niger, Kwara, and Kogi states including the Federal Capital territory.

He is also the Managing Editor of Charis Magazine; a magazine committed to leadership and societal transformation. 

As the Managing Editor of Charis, he has published more than Twelve (12) editions and more than Five Thousand (5,000) copies of the magazine. Charis has been in print since 2009. 

He also hosts tRANSFORM Leadership Conference; an annual programme for teenagers and young adults. This is in line with his passion of helping people understand their purpose, identify their potential and develop strategic ways to deploy their potential. The tRANSFORM Leadership Conference has held for 4 years and well attended by students and teachers.


Ikenna Amadi is passionate about helping people understand their purpose, identify their potential and develop strategic ways to deploy their potential. Every man is identified by his purpose, a man living without the knowledge of purpose and on purpose has no identity.


His mission statement is embedded in the acronym – L.E.A.D

L: Learning; provide learning (manual & online) and carry out teachings that challenge mindsets, build confidence and an understanding of potential and our leadership capacity and capability.

E: Equipping; provide resources, connections, networks and mentoring relationships that empower for significance and purposeful living.

A: Accentuate; 

D: Deploy; Help people identify places of best fit and strategic relevance and profit

His online 1hr twitter chat#TheLeadingFollower ran for 3 consecutive Fridays; 31st March, 7th April & 14th April 2017.In his words”It will *resume again* in August just before The Full Book on it is out by September” and I say,I can’t wait for the book!!! 


Follow him on Twitter: @revdUp_Ikenna

Instagram: revdup_ikenna

Facebook: Ikenna Amadi 



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